November 1, 2005

Freedom in many languages!

I started this cross-stitch when I was in high school. It was freedom in different languages, 12 I think. Anyway, this was as far as I got, before the magazine was lost when my father's house burned down. I had left very little at his house when I went o college, but there was a stack of old cross stitch magazines that I treasured. My father's wife thinks she threw them out, giving her the benefit of the doubt, I assume they were lost in the house fire (in a friendlier relationship she would have been my stepmother but that is another story for another day!)

Anyway, there were about five projects that were incomplete and I was unable to find patterns afterwards, but this one was too beautiful to throw out. I'll frame it oneday, even those I still search for this long ago published pattern so I can make a complete one.

I think that even if I do find it, I'll start a new one as this half-finished symbol of unified freedom has lives quite comfortably in my hope chest for many years as I waited for the perfect home to hand it in. What better place that an Army installation.

When I frame it and put it in its place, i'll post a photo, but until then ...

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