November 9, 2005

Doing o.k!

Things are good today. I saw an old friend, SFC Coker, when I went to the doctor today (don't worry just a check up).

I guess you really would call him an "old" friend, because he's not that old and I've only known him for about 18 months. I interviewed him for an article when I first got here and we became fast friends. I find him quite amusing and I know that if I ever need help he'd be there.

Sad news though is that he is deploying soon too. I'll miss him even though the last few months we have both been busy so we only see each other in passing. I think my husband was a little relieved because Coker is an MP and has been her from more than 12 years, so when he's gone he knows that between Mike (our neighbor) and him. I think he's a little relieved that Brian (a friend from college, stationed here too) will be back soon so I'll have help when he is deployed.

Last night we had a steering committee meeting and with the early doctor's appointment I'm really tired but (and don't think I'm crazy), I have a lot to do at work today and that's always good. Busy is the key. This weekend Sgt. Major found a stick that he just "had to have" regardless of the fact that it was like 6 feet long. So I'll post a pic of that after this. He's a scrappy little guy and found a way to get it in the house.

After our meeting last night I came home to find Sgt. Major had found a bag with some boxed figurines in it. He promptly chewed up the boxes and shredded the foam inside, but the figurines were untouched. I guess he just wanted me to know he was mad that I had come home late, but wasn't willing to risk getting into too much trouble. I found him in the kennel when I can home. Seriously, how do you punish a dog who punishes himself. He has this "I don't mind doing time" attitude that is funny if you are not mad.

He was pretty funny last night, I watched some TV in bed before going to sleep. I was laying on my side and he was sitting behind me with his head on my hip watching TV too and fell asleep. The he got aggravated when I tried to move and started pushing on my back with all four feet ... I guess he thought he needed more room.

Other that that I'm just counting the days until George comes home. Hopefully I will have a chance to get some homework done, but I am just way to tired at night and only want to relax on the weekends. Lunch is over –– back to work!

2 Tea Party Guest:

Greg said...

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Kelly'sEffeminateAngel said...

Glad you are feeling upbeat. It's the little things that keep us going, even if it is our pesky bulldogs doing something wacky. There are funny though, gotta love em'. Peace!