October 28, 2005

Army encourages spouses to become teachers

-- Published Article (10.28.05) Special Supplement --

Fort Polk leaders want to help military spouses achieve their goals through the Department of Defense Spouses to Teachers program.
According to its web site:, the program assesses the educational needs of spouses to become teachers.
The program provides support to spouses of active duty military and selected Reserves in their pursuit of kindergarten through 12th grade teaching positions in the United States.
The web site maintains that areas of support include specific information relative to becoming a teacher, counseling and guidance to eligible spouses regarding teacher certification requirements, routes to certification, employment potential, financial assistance and assistance with employment searches.
The program also provides limited funding to eligible spouses to reimburse the cost of tests required for state teacher licensure/certification. Maximum available financial assistance is $600 per person.
“I feel strongly that Fort Polk, the Vernon Parish school system and –– most importantly ––– our military students, will benefit enormously by using the talents of qualified military spouses in the Spouses to Teachers program,” said Brig. Gen. Michael Barbero, commanding general of the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk.
“Military spouses are extremely knowledgeable about the educational needs of their children –– transitioning children. And, through PCS moves and exposure to different ways of life, military spouses garner an education that goes beyond the borders of a classroom or textbooks.
“I encourage military spouses to put their talents to use by becoming teachers in Vernon Parish,” he added. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”
Tamara Krenek, School Liaison Office, said Fort Polk leaders found enough interest and need for educators to implement a program in Louisiana.
Krenek added that Barbero wrote letters to John Molino, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense, requesting the program be extended to Louisiana.
His request was granted. Recently Louisiana was added to the Spouses to Teachers program.
Krenek said spouses with a bachelor’s degree or higher will receive educational counseling assistance for achieving their teacher certification and up to a $600 stipend as reimbursement for tests required as part of the certification process.
Spouses that are certified in another state, but are trying to receive certification in Louisiana, will also be provided with educational counseling assistance for achieving certification, the stipend and employment guidance.
Krenek said that spouses without a degree will receive counseling for degree completion before seeking certification.
“It is a wonderful program for military spouses (who want to be ) teachers. They have a lot to offer,” Krenek said, adding that military spouses have a unique background that make them valuable teachers.
Two points of contacts for the program are available for spouses looking for information.
If you have any questions, call (225) 925- 7429 or (800) 761-3012 or visit the Internet at:

Editor's note: I know some of you may wonder why I include articles like this on my blog, but some of the spouses here at Fort Polk also check in on the site and it helps them keep up to date with important issues. Many of the program are also available at other installations, so interested military families can check it out with the proper groups to see what is offered to them.

3 Tea Party Guest:

Greg said...

I'll come be a teacher if I can leave this place LOL

LoveMyTanker said...

I do the same thing with posting info! HOOAH to you for caring about your fellow spouses and spreading information around!

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