September 1, 2005

Hurricane Update: The craze has begun!

Thursdays are usually hectic around the office because we layout the paper for production and this week has been especially busy so the entrainment section which is usually done by Wednesday still has pages to put together, on top of that there are reports of gas shortages due to the hurricane and so everyone in the office went to fill up out vehicles (because you can't tell the general "I can't come 'cause I don't have gas").
I was in line for 40 minutes at the 24-hour Shoppette, which is the largest on post. People were cutting in line, and filling up multiple gas cans ... I just wanted to get home after work.
My professor from LSU said class would probably be canceled this weekend because of the gas problems.
We have gotten a lot of refugees/victims here at the churches and everyone is taking donations ... you could almost stand on the street corner and throw a can of soup and it would land next to a group taking donations (but that is a safety risk, so do not try!)
On a good note, my stepfather got home this morning with the three youngest girls, I guess Rita decided to stay behind.
Mom said after they slept and we able to take showers they would enroll them in the area schools.
Other than that we are still taking it one day at a time, helping where we can.

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